WP Defender broken still not working and needs to be fixed or find the bug

The WP Defender we are still having issues with it, since the last time you guys looked at it we were able to re install it and do the basic server hardening etc. ever since then you cannot fix anything as it times out. Serverside we adjusted the memory etc. etc. and still nothing even had the linux admins at hostgator check it out to ensure it is not server side.

There is either something wrong with the plugin or the API that it fails to call each time.

also today I added even more memory etc. server side just to get it knocked out. and also inside of the admin I adjusted the settings to 1MB to scan instead of 10MB.

Side Tip is if you guys that made it if you add an option to fix issues by themselves and not all at once because it becomes a big issue with larger sites. also you cannot see what you need to be fixed without it rescanning, If I can see whats inside the need to be fixed red block I can go server side and fix some of it myself thus relieving a possible bottleneck,

Other than that Defender is awesome it has helped me against several brute force attacks this week. and cloudflare helped me with DDoS attacks this week as well.

God Bless.