WP Engine, Bot Attacks, & No Rationale… Oh My…

I have been on a solid dedicated solution with Rackspace for years and they are awesome. Recently WP Engine made a great pitch with cool toys and I thought I would try their dedicated solution out… well… it’s not going so good…

I migrated a site using their tools that has nominal traffic for over a year and once I flipped the DNS… and… traffic spiked to 20-30k per day!

So get this…

1) Site with nominal traffic for a year

2) No record of any issues from RS or Analytics

3) Migrate the site to WP Engine

4) Flip the DNS

5) Spikes that are overwhelming their server resources (with only 1 site)

So call me crazy, but I think in troubleshooting, you start with what’s different. In this case… WP Engine… Well WP Engine is recommending Cloudflare…

This seems odd to me… I read some threads along the way of some issues they’ve had, but I have never seen this type of thing before…

Good thing I started with one site and have my trusty RS dedicated solution in hand.

Look, I really, really wanted WP Engine to be great for WordPress, but this is scary… Keep in mind… this is a dedicated solution with them…

So has anyone else had problems with WP Engine’s dedicated servers?

I want to know so I can stop beating this dead horse if it’s not worth it.

  • Dimitris
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    Hey there maxwebgear,

    hope you’re doing good! :slight_smile:

    Have you tried to contact WP Engine support channel about this? They should be able to provide some insights, maybe about the source of this traffic.

    As far as I understand, you also enabled Cloudflare services?

    If so, have you tried to disable it and check the traffic load?

    In case this is some kind of leak involving your website (like one published today about CLoudflare), you can use our Defender plugin and the “hardening” settings that can perform, especially the “Update old security keys” automatically logout all users and does so periodically if you want.

    I have little to none experience with WP Engine (I now have just a playground site provided be my team leaders) but this kind of traffic spike shouldn’t be happening regardless the hosting provider.

    In case you need more feedback from our community about their experiences with WPEngine, let me know so I can move this thread to Member’s forums.

    Warm regards,


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