WP Facebook page integration

I thought I would share some resources I found on Facebook Pages and WP Facebook page integration.

First if you do not know much about creating Facebook pages for businesses this link should help. A lot of the information out there is out of date because Facebook keeps changing things. I did quite a bit of searching and think this is a decent starting point. Hopefully it will save you many hours of frustration and confusion.


Once you have a page I found this plugin that should allow you to have WP content and features right on your Facebook page.


I am not sure if anyone has created any nice looking themes to put WP into the Facebook page yet but this certainly could be a good opportunity. The page width needs to be 520 to fit.

If you do not need or want to use WP on your Facebook page but still want a custom Facebook page, here is an unbranded way to easily add a static HTML to your Facebook page.


I prefer the WP way personally.