WP Google AdSense plugin that works without issues

I want to display Google AdSense ads in my website and so far i have tested the following:
1) Easy Plugin for AdSense ----> Although it does what it says easily, this damn plugin ads up in page load time 15-21 seconds which is unacceptable. If it didnt had this speed issue it would be great.
2) WP Simple Adsense Insertion ----> Doesnt offer a very needful feature like auto inserting ads after "x" paragraphs in any post. It does offer manual isnertion via sortcode in posts but this doesnt work for my need.
3) Boggle Woggle Adsense ---> Almost ruined my website, and gave me plenty of errors to debug, so i just uninstalled it asap.
4) Google AdSense ----> Never been able to test it because it F&^#%@ cant analyse my website to configure it. the target website loads under 5seconds and according to http://tools.pingdom.com/ website really rocks in matter of optimizations. but still Google's AdSense doesnt find it enough..
5) Ads Easy ---> too poor in features..
6) WPMU DEV In Post ads ----> insert ads in each post manually... :slight_frown:
7) WMMU DEV Simple Ads ---> Doesnt have widgets support

Anyway, i'm continuing the tests but can anybody here suggest me a complete solution to use i will be gratefull.
Right now im using Simple Ads for displaying ads in post's and with a "display PHP" widget im showing ads in sidebars.
It does work but isnt there any free or paid plugin that allows me to display adds from Google AdSense, and other Ads providers, and also having features like: widget ads, in post ads "in various places", page ads.

I would like to know which plugins you suggest me for this and if possible which plugins you prefer to use for Ads serving.
Thank you in advance,

  • Michelle Shull

    Hey, Theodor! Happy Friday!

    I understand your frustration! I've been right where you are, myself. I remember a time, not that long ago, where it was almost impossible to find a theme with a sidebar wide enough for the standard web ad sizes. Getting ads on our WP sites has always been a bit of a challenge.

    However, I think you missed a feature or two in our In Post Ads. If you got to In Post Ads > Settings, you can define where and how ads are injected automatically, no need to manually enter the ads at all. You can, if that's what you'd prefer, but you don't have to. I took a picture of the settings page for you.

    Hope this helps!

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