WP import - will it clear out unrelated material?

I am planning the development of a WP site that will use WooCommerce. Part of the site will be all about the company, its assets, people, etc. All unrelated to Woo. You know what the Woo part will be. Woo will take longer. I would like to parallelize the development, as different client people will be required for woo vs. non-woo. Once the non-woo part is finished and promoted to production, it may undergo changes while the woo part continues in dev. Here is the question. Can I safely export from the production site and import into the dev site, so that when I promote the completed woo version, the whole site will be up-to-date? Is there a preferred approach for this?



  • Ash

    Hello @Stuart

    I hope you are well today and thanks for asking the question.

    export from the production site and import into the dev site

    Do you mean to export from dev site and import in production site?
    Yes, you can export from the dev site and import into production site, but I will suggest not to use WP Import feature as the feature is buggy. Also, it won't import everything.

    The better will be to use a backup/restore plugin (like Snapshot), continue development in dev site, take backup and restore in production site so everything will be up to date.

    If I misunderstood, please feel free to suggest.


  • Stuart

    Sorry, Ash. You did misunderstand. I want to begin two parallel development efforts in two separate dev environments. One for the website without the Woo features, and one for the same site with Woo features. The non-woo site will finish first, and be promoted to production. Before promoting, I want to update the woo dev site with the completed non-woo site's content. I don't want to zap any of my woo work. Then before the woo version is ready to launch, replacing the non-woo version, I want to update the woo version with any changes that might have taken place during the time the production (non-woo) version has been in operation. Again, taking production and updating dev, before promoting dev to replace production. Let me know whether that is clearer. Bottom line question, is what is the best way to move content between to sites so that only relevant content is updated?

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