I noticed something in firebug that kept popping up, mydomain.com/wp-load.php. I also noticed that this is loading jquery ver 1.7.1. Is this something that I can/should get rid of. I have plugins on my site running jquery 3.3.1. So far, it doesn't appear to break anything, but the fact that it's there seems like it could create some kind of problem so I figured I'd check with the experts.

  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey Matty.

    Do you know which plugin or theme is loading that?

    I'm sure you love my linking by now. ha ha


    Don’t include wp-load, please. is the article title.

    And here is a snippet:

    Why this is wrong

    You don’t have the first clue where wp-load.php actually is. Both the plugin directory and the wp-content directory can be moved around in the installation. ALL the WordPress files could be moved about in this manner, are you going to search around for them?

    You’ve instantly doubled the load on that server. WordPress and the PHP processing of it all now have to get loaded twice for every page load. Once to produce the page, and then again to produce your generated javascript.

    You’re generating javascript on the fly. That’s simply crap for caching and speed and such.
    The right way? Well, there’s two options.

    If you are not yet familiar with Otto then I'm sure you will do as you continue to work with WordPress. :slight_smile:

    Disable a plugin at a time and test again to see which one loads it.

    Take care.

  • Timothy Bowers

    I don't use the plugin myself personally so it would be hard to say why they would use it.

    You could always bring this up with the plugin developer, ask them why and point to Ottos article. That way the developer of the plugin could let you know, I don't mean to cheap out on an answer there but only the developer of the plugin would know for sure the reason why they did it like that.

    If you do contact them then please let me know how it goes and what they say.

    I know thats a FB like type system, but I think Facebook use XMPP for their notifications. Might be worth looking into that and I know there are some pubSub plugins out there.

    Take care.

  • Mattymar

    This is all helpful information. I think my position right now is to get the basics of my site and network running, and then add some cool improvements later. This seems like one of those things that might require a little extra work, or some specialized knowledge that I don't have right now (can you tell how much of a novice I am?).

    Since these projects aren't critical to the actual operation of my site, I think it's best to see what I can do fairly quickly and log the rest for later. So I'm sorry I'm not able to immediately resolve these things hahaha, but believe me, I this assistance will not go to waste!

    Side note: I am going to contact the plugin developer and see what he says.

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