WP Multi Network - I'm lost

I know WP Multi Network is a WPMUDEV plugin, but I know there are people here with experience with it and I need help.

I am attempting to set up mydomain.com/state/city/category on my site
such that, the state and city sites operate as their own entities, have editors and contributing writers assigned to each of them.

I have Network configured as subdirectories.
I have WP Multi Network plugin installed - which the plugin has no step by step instructions whatsoever on codex. I am confused about where to start, whether I start in Network Admin or Admin, and what steps to take beyond that.

I do not have mutli-domains installed, for this reason, I am not going to register 50 domain names for each state and dozens more for each cities. I am guessing (hoping) there is not a need to do that.

What I need are step-by-step instructions, (as if I am completely stupid about this, because right now I am) on how to set it up.

  • eyecool
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    I love multiple networks and have used them extensively with subdomains, but not subdirectories.

    In your case, your default installation is example.com. This is your main network.

    If you want each state to be it's own network, then create it as a network. Let's use California as an example. You'd create a network with a domain name = example.com/california

    If you want a city to be it's own network, then create it as a network as well. Let's use Sacramento as an example. You'd create a network with a domain name = example.com/california/sacramento

    Your one domain to rule them all. It's a pretty standard multinetwork setup. :slight_smile:

  • eyecool
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Create each network through WP Multi Network's admin panel. All networks are created here.

    It's important to note that even though you are "nesting" networks, that they are only nested in the way you look at them.

    So just because Sacramento is a network and California is a network, does not mean that Sacramento is a "sub" network of California. Make sense?

    Here's another way to look at it. To our mind's eye, it may seem like California is a network and Sacramento is a network inside of California. And San Francisco is a network inside of California.
    To the database (where they magic happens), a network is nothing more than a unique 'Site ID#". So every default (main) WordPress install has a Site ID = 1. Your second network will be Site ID = 2. THe third network will be Site ID = 3. Every network you add, Site ID increments up by 1.

    Now you can see that if California is the first network you add, it will be Site ID =2. If you then add Sacramento, it will be Site ID =3. The next 7 networks you add can be New York City, Kansas City, Seattle, Fort Worth, Miami, Atlanta and Phoenix. If after you add the cities, you add the states, New York, Kansas, Washington, Texas, Florida, Georgia and Arizona, it does not matter. --> The point is that networks don't look like a tree, with one at the top and sub networks below it. They look more like rays of light coming out of the sun. The sun is the domain you installed WordPress on and the networks are all connected to it, but not each other.

    Hope this makes sense... I'm in a loud, crowded place right now. Can't even hear myself think!

  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Thanks eyecool, once again, for your all your helpfulness!

    I haven't used the plugin yet myself, seems rather incredible to me but I just haven't yet had need for it. Though I imagine I'll be giving it a good run through soon enough given it's coolness!


  • elitaderera
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    If you already have a multi-site wordpress install, then use the <a href="http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/networks-for-wordpress plugin/">networks for wordpress</a> and all you need to do is uncomment the lines


    Activate the wp multi network plugin on your root site and create a network under the tools menu.

  • deonsa
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    What I meant to say was there seemed to be an issue with using multi networks together with specifically the batch create and blog template plugins before.

    Maybe my use of the term multisite network instead of multi networks caused the misinterpretation...
    So any idea if those issues have been sorted out?

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