WP Multi-Site + Membership Premium 2.1.3 + BuddyPress

I think I might be missing something. I’ve been playing with the Membership plugin on a development site on my home server. I’ve set up both a free and a paid access level. The free access level denies access to the “Blogs” page only. I’ve tested permitting and denying access to the page in two ways:

For both methods, I removed the Blogs page from the Nav Bar by dropping the Menu/Item Title widget into the Positive Rules Set and selecting all pages but the Blogs page to be visible.

For the first instance, I denied access to the Blogs page by dropping the Pages widget into the Positive Rules Set section and selecting all pages but the Blogs page to show.

For the second instance, I denied access to the Blogs page by dropping the Pages widget into the Negitive Rules Set and selecting the Blogs page to not show.

There seems to be an issue with page access denial.when I use the first method. Although the menu item is no longer visible I can still use the URL example.com/blogs/ to view the Blogs page and clicking on the listed blog I can view its posts. I understand removing the item from the nav bar doesn’t forbid access to the page but I thought not selecting the page for view in the Positive Rules Set would prevent the page from being viewed.

In the second instance, using a negative rule set, attempts to access the Blogs page at example.com/blogs/ leads to a 404 page even though I’ve specified a page to display when an attempt is made to view hidden/protected content.

The page that’s supposed to show when content access s denied does exist and it is accessible.

What am I likely to have done wrong?

Also, will a future release have a widget in the post/page editor screen to make it possible to hide a post/page from the menu bar and visitors below a set level?

  • DavidM
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    Hi DDV and first off, welcome to WPMU DEV!

    Membership can be quite a complex one to setup and I think this may just have to do with the configuration. Screenshots help a great deal for that reason.

    Could you possibly provide a screenshot of your settings at Membership > Options to start with?

    If you could get us a screenshot of the Access Level in question too, that’d help as well.

    Also, there was a recent update to Membership. Could you please ensure you’re using that latest version 2.1.3?



  • DDV
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    Hi, and thanks.

    I’m definitely using 2.1.3.

    Here’s an update:

    I deactivated and deleted the plugin then went through the database to remove the Membership plugin’s tables along with those associated with it through the plugin’s add-ons and those set in the WordPress Options table. On re-installation and network update I discovered the plugin hadn’t properly installed the first time – it lacked BuddyPress specific permission drop-ins for the Access Level configuration page.

    With the plugin presumably properly installed this time, I followed the Quick Start guide. However, I now have a different problem: “Strangers” see the page set to show when someone attempts to view restricted content. It doesn’t matter which page or content is viewed, the redirection to the “this content is restricted” page always occurs. This is despite “Strangers” being configured to have the same access rights as an account level that permits access to all content.

    When the plugin is disabled, regular unrestricted site access is restored.

    As a further note, I created this development site for the specific purpose of trying WPMU plugins. I created the site yesterday afternoon with a clean database and clean file set.

    I’ll have another play with it a little later then post screenshots if I still have problems else, if I work out what’s wrong, I’ll post the solution.

  • DDV
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    I’ve got it. Taking it from the top, here’s what I had to do:

    1, Completely remove the plugin i.e deactivate, delete then remove database tables associated with the plugin.

    2, Reinstall and reactivate the plugin.

    3, Disable “Disable BuddyPress to WordPress profile syncing” i.e Navigate to Network Admin > BuddyPress > Settings then select the “Yes” tick box.

    After option 3 I noticed additional permission drop-boxes in the Access Levels component of the plugin. I now have control settings for Main Rules, Content Rules, BuddyPress and Administration in Membership > Access Levels > [Access level]. Prior to step three I lacked “Administration”. Prior to complete reinstallation I lacked both “BuddyPress” and “Administration” access level controls.

    Now I need to find an Events Manager that integrates with Membership for accepting payments.

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