WP Multi-site with Buddypress issue. Help Needed ASAP

Hello everybody. I am running a Wordpress Multi-site based network of blogs powered by bp-social theme and buddypress. The issue I am facing is, my users can't able to publish their posts in their network of blogs! Instead, they can see "Submit for Review"..
As far as I understand, all buddypress users are given the role of "Subscriber". When any user creates a blog, he/she will be the Administrator for that particular blog. However, the odd thing is, they can't publish their posts.. They can only submit for review. Please let me know how to get rid of this? I want my users to publish the blogs by their own. (Sample user's blog could be http://www.example.com/user1)
I also deliberately changed a user's role from "Subscriber" to "Author" (just for instance), I can see that they can publish their blogs! Well, another nightmare is that, they get access to the main blog and can post articles to my main blog! This is a big security hole and a big concern for me.
Please do correct me at the earliest. This is really stopping me from proceeding further.
Thanks in advance.