WP Multisite and Gravity Forms

Hello again

This is a somewhat odd / abstract question (in my mind) so please excuse me if I’m not being clear about what I’m asking.

We’re using GF in a large / growing multisite network. Many, but not all, forms will be shared across all sites on the network. However, the forms maybe or may not be imported at the same time – or how ever we decide to maintain them across the network. The point being, the Contact Us could be GF form ID 3 on one site, GF form ID 1 on another site and GF form ID 5 on so on…

The GF actions / filters have form-centric settting. That is, (for example) gform_after_submission_form_id_X will fire when form_id_X is submitted. The problem is, that isn’t going to be specific / fixed for every site (as already mentioned).

My idea is to add a hidden field to each form. Something that we define and will be consistent across all forms. That is, Contact Us will always be hidden my_form_id contact_us. Again, for example. Therefore, I can check for that value and then do whatever post-submit filtering / action I’m wanting to do.

What do you think about this? Is there another / better way to meet our ends? In short, I have forms. Some of those forms have backend code associated code with them and I want to make sure I fire the right code for the right forms at the right time. And using the GF form ID isn’t consistent / unqiue (so to speak) across all sites on the network.

Make sense?

Your thoughts?

Thanks in advance.