WP Multisite installation

Some additional questions regarding Multisite.

I see in the installation of WP Multisite on a site older than 1 month does not allow the use of Sub-directories (I am not clear yet if I can use the sub-domain method on my hosting).

1. To avoid having the permalink change when installing WP multisite, I am considering the following:

a. setup a fresh installation in a sub-directory of my main web site (for example http://www.domain.com/sites/site1, http://www.domain.com/sites/site2)

b. setup a fresh installation in as a sub-domain (for example sites.domain.com/site1, sites.domain.com/site2).

Is any of the above possible?

If both are possible, which one is better? and why?

2. If I use one of the above, is there anyway to redirect visitors who tries to access the root of the WP multisite http://www.domain.com/sites or sites.domain.com to my main blog at http://www.domain.com?



  • DavidM
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    Hi Ronen,

    I believe either of those should be possible, though the sub-domain item would depend on whether your host allows wildcard sub-domains, however, Multisite would require a top-level domain in order to function properly so you would need to map a domain name to the install folder.

    And I think that answers your final question. Yes you can map a domain name to that folder and in fact you would need to for Multisite to work.


  • sourcev
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    Thanks, David.

    I apologize but I am not sure I understand what you are saying.

    Let me try to clarify what I mean with a real life example..

    I have a WordPress web site installed and running at http://www.adddiagnosis.net. I don’t want to convert it to multisite for several reasons.

    I want to install a fresh WordPress multisite in addition to my current web site, either in a folder, such as, http://www.adddiagnosis.net/sites/“, or as sub-domain, such as, “sites.adddiagnosis.net”.

    I can’;t use the wild card sub-domain on my hosting, so I will be opting to use sub-directory method during the installation of the multisite. Either “www.adddiagnosis.net/sites/site1”, “www.adddiagnosis.net/sites/site2”, etc, or “sites.adddiagnosis.net/site1”, “sites.adddiagnosis.net/site2”, etc

    Will either of the above work properly?

    Or if I do understand you correctly, you are not recommending either of the above, but rather you suggest I use a top level domain other than the original site. For example instead of using http://www.adddiagnosis.net I would need to use http://www.another-adddiagnosis.net

    Thank you again.

  • DavidM
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    Hi sourcev,

    Sorry I missed your further response, the “resolved” status really is just in regard to the plugin and theme support here, in general. We still generally catch thread updates regardless. I’ll adjust this thread though so it’s not a “support” thread in that way, to keep from any confusion. We’re happy to go through non-plugin/theme related issues like this still though.

    Multisite would not work from a sub-folder like yourdomain.com/sites/ unless you map a domain name to it, giving it a top level domain to work with.

    Basically, you’d have to point a domain name to that folder yourdomain.com/sites/, for example, yourseconddomain.com. Then you could enable Multisite and it should work just fine from there.

    It would require using a domain name though, it won’t work otherwise.

    Hope that helps!


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