WP Multisite - multiple subdomain levels - asking for trouble?

I'm adding a large number of my own domains to a multisite subdomain installation and things seem to be working fine (after a learning curve)

I have a variety of niches and I would like to 'group' these sites by niche to make edits/updates easier.

I haven't found a 'canned' solution for that - so wondering what the best method might be

While adding the sites to the network you can't create multiple levels, ie. niche.site.mainsite.com ; but you can go back and edit the site in the Network Sites list; and it seems to work fine, including accessing the dashboard and the site works live. This way I can just sort the Network Sites list alphabetically, and the group niches are sorted together.

However it is a bit laborious and seems sort of like a hacked solution.

Is there a more elegant way of doing this?

Is there a risk of downstream problems having multiple subdomain levels?


  • Timothy Bowers
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey tripvendor

    I most certainly wouldn't be using multiple levels of sub domains. Personally I think it can look messy, harder for the end user to read, remember and type in. I've never tested it in Google so I'm not sure about how well it would be indexed, I don't see why it wouldn't work but would worth researching first to know for sure.

    You could meet complications with some plugins and themes depending on how they are coded. Again I'm not saying you will but it could be a possibility.

    Have you tried mapping with domains yet to sub.sub.sub domains? Just wondering how it went.

    If you do continue down that route then I would love to keep hearing from you on how it is all going, any changes, complications, or if everything went smoothly. :slight_smile:

    Keeps us up to date on how you go.

    Take care.

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