WP MULTISITE sub domaine issue


I have created subdomains for a MAIN domain with my provider (to use different languages). When installing a WP Multisite on MAIN domaine, I have created the same subdomaines in WP.

I want to use: sub.domaine.com and not domaine.com/sub. The last is always easy. But now I have trouble...:slight_frown:

I get an Internal server error....:

When visiting the created subdomains on internet, they show but offcause are empty. "Index Of"

In WP, I cant get to the Dashboards of these Network domains. Something is rotten...:slight_smile:

Should I do anything in specific to get WPMS to use the provider created subdomains, or what could be wrong..?

I have granted You acces, If You need to.

Would appreciate a solution..

  • Michelle Shull

    Hey there, Jan!

    There's definitely something amiss, your Network Admin dashboard is missing several key components, including Network Settings, which makes me think there may have been a glitch when you were setting up your network initially.

    Can you recount the steps you took to get where you are right now? Maybe we can walk it back and find a missing step to help clear this all up for you.

    Thanks, Jan!

  • Jan

    Thank You Michelle

    Nice to hear, that I am actually missing something. Otherwhise, I would have been really lost.

    1. I installed as a WPMS from the beginning.
    2. Then I noticed, that I could only add new networks sites as domaine.com/site. So I looked it up, wanting to create sub.domaine.com. In the meantime, I created subdomains in C panel with my host, and this looks fine.

    3. So I tryed to set up the network, and the installatien prompted me to copy some code into the wp-config.php under /*Multisite*/. I did so. And it wanted me to put some code into the ataccess file, I did so.

    4. So I could create sub.domain.com network sites, but could never get to their dashboards.

    I have a process, I wanted to get all this straight before doing anything else, so I can easily start all over removing WP and reinstalling it. I have not put in theme or anything at all, yet.

    But what I wondered; if I installed a wp MULTISITE version, why should I have to do alle this copying code to these files ?

    Should I reinstall, and if so, is it true, that even intstalling af WPMS, I should copy coding ?


  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @Jan, my apologies for the delay here!

    It sounds like you set up a sub-folder based Multisite, instead of a sub-domain Multisite, hence the reason why you're seeing that the subsites on the network have addresses like this:


    Instead of like this:


    You can learn more about sub-domain based Multisites, and wildcard sub-domains (required for this type of Multisite) over here:


    After making sure that you have a wildcard subdomain set up for your Multisite, you'd want to remove your existing Multisite installation, and start anew. Here's a guide that'll show you how to create a sub-domain based Multisite:


    You should be all set then. :slight_smile:

    Hope this helps!

    Kind Regards,

    P.S. Just to touch on this:

    So I looked it up, wanting to create sub.domaine.com. In the meantime, I created subdomains in C panel with my host, and this looks fine.

    In a sub-domain based Multisite, you would not want to create a sub-domain for each subsite like this, that would be handled by the creation of the wildcard sub-domain.

    Once you've taken care of setting up the new sub-domain based Multisite, I would want to remove these sub-domains that you've created manually inside of cPanel.

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