WP MultiSite/Buddypress Hosting Recomendation

Is their a review of hosting companies who offer buddyPress multi install VMS/Cloud based managed hosting. Shared hosting doesn't cut it and having bad support issues with a a WP specific host who doesn't seem to support BuddyPress or multiuser WP sites very well. Looking for a host who can accommodate our SaaS products with the ability to be flexible and grow as we need more power and bandwidth.

Appreciate any suggestion or experiences with other users here.

So far I am looking at Media Temples Virtual Hosting products .


  • aecnu

    Greetings Mark,

    Welcome to WPMU DEV!

    Is their a review of hosting companies who offer buddyPress multi install VMS/Cloud based managed hosting.

    It is very clear that you see acknowledge how important the host can be and that the hosting is the very foundation of the WordPress installation just by the content of your original post.

    I believe in my product and myself to pitch it when applicable and have cured many peoples issues that no other host could take manage for whatever reason and the following reviews you may find of interest and speak for themselves:

    You can see all the people using my hosting which includes members as well as support staff:


    And here are some more:

    I configure things on the servers to make WordPress installations fly right along realizing the unique needs and demands of WordPress and associated applications.

    If you have any questions please feel free to ask. I admit I am a good tech and support staff on WPMU DEV though not a coder, but my main field/profession is networks, servers, CIS, and Computer Technology.

    Thank you for being a WPMU DEV Community Member!

    Cheers, Joe

  • Gabe

    When it comes to WordPress hosting the only non-debatable thing for me is having a WordPress specialty host, it's a must-have. As you mentioned, you'll need to make sure you get the BuddyPress/multisite support you need, but there are enough available options to ensure you get a host that provides such support.

    I recommend checking out Joe's service as he mentioned above, a lot of WPMU DEV users have great things to say about it. The fact that he works here says that he understands the plugins you're using. Other options include WebSynthesis, ZippyKid, WP Engine, Page.ly and others. I use WP Engine and am quite satisfied.

    Most of these services offer free trials, so I recommend taking a look at them and giving one a shot. Whatever you decide, let us know what works for you in case future users have the same question. Hope this helps.

  • Justin

    HostGator both reseller and VPS can handle this. I don't necessarily recommend VPS over reseller but at least with the reseller you can get a free WHMCS installation which can then integrate with wordpress and provision multi-site uses.

    I've been with Hostgator since 2002 and although they've recently sold to a larger company, my conversations with certain long term employees have been positive on the sale and upgrades to hardware.

    The reseller hosting is in the SoftLayer hosting facility in Houston I believe and the dedicated services will be run out of their new Provo Utah facility.

    I can also provide you with the hosting services and support needed for buddypress if needed but I too use the HostGator backed servers.

  • aecnu

    Greetings Gabe and Justin,

    Thank you both for your valuable input which is indeed greatly appreciated.

    I was going to smash Host Gator with nothing but the truth, but have decided not to at this time.

    I do not want to take away from Justin's kind recommendation and demean it in any way.

    We do not offer free trials only because when we did only scammers, porn operators, etc. seemed to be going for it ... lol ... and the others took a paying plan anyway, so why bother. However, this is one way for folks to get a taste of others programs so they know how good they got it when they work with us :smiley:

    Cheers, Joe

  • afekt

    Thank you for all of your input. I will review your recomendations. I am currently using wpengine for a multisite and have problems every month and the fact that their support is only available mon thru friday with no support after 6pm pst is quite frustrating when other hosts offer 24/7. My clients have asked me to find another host that can provide support when things go down. It may be that WPengine is great for a single install but they definately don't understand a MU and have zero support for buddypress. SO i will look forward to check your recomendations. I have looked at Page.ly and looked good. What is the url to your hosting information and prices with details on server, bandwidth, VPS? Cloud? Joe?


    • Phenom

      Hello Joe,

      I have used your hosting in the past, but had a strange experience with the person who was helping me get things set up. This person was not one of your employees. I was very new to WPMU DEV then. So, out of frustration, I gave up on my MS idea and went back to GoDaddy.

      I am working on a new project this year. My intension is to create a network that enables each site's admin to live stream tutorials from their individual site.

      In speaking with GoDaddy, I am certain they cannot provide the services I need for this. I have been with them for over a decade now. The fact that I am familiar with them has caused me to stay with them. I know I have to make a change now in order to do what I am working on.

      Will I need both your hosting services as well as a dedicated server for what I am wanting to do?

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