WP not sending the registration mail

For some reasons WP is not sending registration emails at signup. It sends emails just fine, just not for registrations.
I have a multi-network with a number of multisites. When changing the admin email I get a confirmation email to both addresses and everything is fine, but when I go directly to the wp-signup.php and try to signup as a new user it sends no emails.
Not that a new user has been registered and none for the new user confirming the registration.
Please help.

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi John,

    Hope you're doing well.

    When I check your network admin and register a new account there, the email is sent properly, however it doesn't work on main or subsite neither from backend or frontend.
    So the emails are working and are being sent properly but there's something specific on your sites that's blocking this.

    I did notice something strange on your network, you have two subsites that are subdomains, like models.domain.com, but your network is configured to use subfolders for subsites, and newly created subsites do follow that logic and look like this domain.com/subsite

    Do you know how exactly this was configured as it's possible that there's something not setup correctly which is preventing your subsite emails from being sent out?

    Best regards,

  • John

    Hi Predrag,

    True the two subsites I configured manually to be a subdomain and the third as a subdirectory which is the default setting. Do you think this could be the cause of this problem? If I remove these sites and add them as separate multisites could that solve the problem? The sites aren't live yet so I'm willing to try anything.

    Kind regards,


    PS: I little while ago I tried to map takedownmyvideo.com to takedownmyvideos.com while trying to keep the original domain as the default one. This gave problems where it kept sending me to the mapped one instead of the original one. So I deleted the mapping and will forward the domain some other way. I just want to cover the spelling mistake if they forget the "s" at the end.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello John

    WordPress multisite shouldn't be working as a "mixed setup" - where both sub-folders and sub-domains are used at the same time, it's either one or another. It's difficult to say for sure that this is what's causing the issue but it might be related.

    The way that kind of setup could be achieved would be to set all the sites as sub-folder sites (the way your multisite is currently configured) and then just map sub-domains to some of them (those that are supposed to work as sub-domain based).

    However, I have also tested the signup and I admit that while I think that setup issue might be related, I"m not sure of that. I see that there's some "MailBank" plugin installed and it contains an e-mail log where there's no trace of any e-mail being sent (after front-end registration). I'm wondering whether this is the plugin that my colleague Abdul installed during the chat for testing or was it installed by you? With it disabled, does the same happen?

    I have also noticed that in both MailBank and in UltimateBranding plugin you're "overwriting" From e-mail while current admin e-mail (site's main e-mails) seems to be undergoing change and set to some mail that uses a different domain than the site domain.

    Could you make sure that 1) the change is completed (you need to confirm that change 2) temporarily disable all the "From mail" overwrite options (with MailBank switched off I think it's only Branding left) and see if that works then? Sometimes such change - overwriting the "From" mail - can cause server to actually reject mail or treat it as spam before it even leaves the server.

    Best regards,

  • John

    Hi Adam,

    The Mailbank plugin was indeed installed by Abdul temporarily. I told him tho that I'm looking for a solution without installing mail plugins.

    I changed the subdomains subsites back to subfolder subsites but this didn't solve the problem. I'm a stubborn sob and when I believe things should work without a plugin then I won't use one. That is why I don't like domain mapping plugins since I learned about multi-network. So I created 2 new multisites with the 2 subdomains I was using as subsites before. On these new multisites I can register just fine without any problem.

    I still haven't figured out why the original root site doesn't send registration mails but it doesn't matter at this point. It is just a front for the other subdomains and people won't be registering on it anyway.

    When my web host installed SSL certificates for my subdomains they had to temporarily disable my .htaccess file and they forgot to re-enable it when they were done. With the .htaccess file disabled I turned one domain mapping and tried to map a domain to this site and nothing was working as it should. I couldn't figure out why. Then I went a double checked and found the .htaccess file still disabled. Maybe this mail problem is still a residual symptom of that problem.

    Thank you all for your help. Although the problem is still there I will mark it as resolved because I have a work around.

  • John

    Thank you very much for your offer Predrag, but I think I'm okay now. I joined WPMUDEV just a few months ago and I'm still learning to work with a lot of the plugins. In my excitement about all that WPMUDEV offers I've thrown myself in the deep end trying to learn everything at once. Maybe I shouldn't rush so much and learn a lil more in depth about the plugins first.

    The old site has been deleted and has been created anew. There are no problems right now. I have it setup as 3 multisites where one of them has a subsite. I like this better because some of them don't need to have certain plugins running that can only be network activated. So I'm doing my best not to overcomplicate things for myself.

    I'm sure I'll need your help with things in the future so I'll let you save your energy till then :slight_smile:

    Thank you again for the great support.

    Enjoy your weekend,


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