WP Plugins vs. WPMU Dev Premium

So, I've been reading a lot about what's taking place with WPMU, the problems associated with getting people to look at premium plugins the same was as premium themes and the rationale for WPPlugins.com.

As a member of WPMU Dev Premium, I love the forums, quick responses, and access to themes and plugins you all put your time into. As soon as I heard about WP Pluginss, I was excited. This is actually something similar to what I've developed for a client where an "app store" was created that sold widgets/plugins for use on commercial profile pages of a wpmu-powered site. Brilliant marketing and hopefully will prove be very successful!

I took a look at the wp plugins site today and it's everything you would hope and expect for. I noticed it was populated with some plugins from this site and I think that's a great solution for people who don't want to use the service here for whatever reason.

Then I noticed a plugin also developed by an incsub(er) which is not available here and that got me thinking: How is it decided which plugins are still offered and supported here on the Dev Premium site, and which ones are only offered at wp plugins? Kinda tricky. You are, afterall, the same root company developing these products. My initial thought is that if there are plugins available at wp plugins devloped by incsub that aren't available here that lowers the value of the "premium" membership.

Obviously you guys develop all of it and are looking for the best way to monetize your efforts as you should. But I would caution that I can see how as more incsub plugins are distributed solely at wpplugins.com, it detracts from the benefits of wpmu premium.

Personally, I'd love to see this site offer all incsub developed plugins. Am I making a mountain out of a mole hill here? Just my initial thoughts.