wp-recaptcha doesn't appear ?


I’ve just install the wp-recaptcha plugin but it doesn’t appear at the end of the buddypress registration page…..

I followed instructions to install on wpmu and there is the recaptcha options into buddypress admin….

Do I have to change the register.php to add this ?

Thanks in advance…

  • drmike
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    It’s always a plus to include the following when asking for help:

    – A link so we can see what’s occurring.

    – A check of the webserver’s error logs.

    – A link to the plugin in question, especially if it’s one not found here.

    – Details and specifics when needed. “I followed instructions” doesn’t give us a lot to go on either.

    Most support forums operate in such a manner. That way those folks responding don;t have to ask the questions for that information.

    I’m assuming that you mean this one:


    Right off I don’t see mention that it;’s buddypress compatible.

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