WP registration link stopped working

I just found out that my Wordpress Registration link on the login form produces a 404 error and the link it goes to is http://mydomain.com/blogs/create/ (mydomain substituted here for real domain). I recently installed buddypress. is that the cause? How do I resolve this?

  • wadams92101
    • The Crimson Coder

    Upon further testing, I see that if I deactivate Buddypress the problem disappears. I also see that there is a different registration link on the top tool bar, which takes me to another registration form (attached screenshot) at mydomain.com/register/ rather than mydomain.com/wp-signup.php. Is the signup form supposed to redirecting to this new registration form? What is the "deleted" pink area about (see attachment)? What do you recommend?

  • aecnu
    • WP Unicorn

    Greetings wadams92101,

    Thank you for this great question and bringing this significant issue to our attention.

    The first thing I would do is check to make sure my permalinks are set to anything else but default, and in any event reset them.

    What happens when you try this URL with Buddy Press activated?


    I recently installed buddypress. is that the cause?

    This is the first I have heard of this on an out of the box Buddy press install.

    How do I resolve this?

    Too little information supplied to even begin to figure it out.

    Is the signup form supposed to redirecting to this new registration form?

    This looks like a Buddy Press registration page.

    What is the "deleted" pink area about (see attachment)?

    I have no idea I have never seen it before.

    What do you recommend?

    What kind of hosting are you on? Windows or?

    Have you reset your permalinks to anything else but default?

    Please advise.

    Cheers, Joe

  • wadams92101
    • The Crimson Coder

    Thanks Joe. Sorry I posted above before I saw your answer. I believe I'm on a linux server. I did not have the default permalinks selected but I just tried it with the default permalinks selected and it made no difference. (I wouldn't want to be precluded from using pretty permalinks when using Buddypress - is that possible?)

  • wadams92101
    • The Crimson Coder

    You can ignore the pink "deleted" question for the moment since I think that might be a theme issue, and I'm asking the studiopress gang on their forum about that. As for the Registration 404 issue, is it supposed to be redirecting to the buddypress registration form at mydomain.com/register or should it continue to the WP registration at mydomain.com/signup.php? In any case, its doing neither but going instead to mydomain.com/blogs/create. (BTW, I do not allow (in my settings) users to create blogs.)

  • aecnu
    • WP Unicorn

    Greetings wadams92101,

    If I am not mistaken I think we are working in another ticket together related to these issues.

    I had suggested in another ticket that you perform standard troubleshooting protocol:

    Which would have certainly indicated if this was a theme issue or not.

    You replied there:

    I deactivated all the plugins to no avail. Any other options?

    And I asked about the theme, and you replied which theme but I was referring to deactivating it as written in my instructions.

    Had I known that it was Genesis, Thesis, Salutations, or any of these other so called framework themes I would have declined to work the ticket - they are a nightmare.

    I will notify my Boss of this ticket and see if he can perhaps help or assign another support staff member.

    Cheers, Joe

  • wadams92101
    • The Crimson Coder

    Hi Joe: I have eliminated the theme as the cause. Basically, the problem is that the WP registrations link (/signup.php) redirect to the Buddypress registrations link (/register) is not working. Just before the 404 error, the browser URL bar reads:


    (I substited "mydomain" for my actual site in the above URL) Does this provide any further clues?

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Hiya @wadams92101,

    You're right. This is totally an issue with BuddyPress being installed. That link stops working. It's still provided by default with WordPress in the dashboard - but as you've noted it will 404.

    You could possibly do what Aaron suggests in the other thread, but that's definitely the culprit.

    I think it's even more of an issue now because logged in users that hit the BuddyPress registration page are automatically redirected to network home.


  • wadams92101
    • The Crimson Coder

    Thank you Mason. I tried the bit of code from Andrew in the thread but it didn't work for me. I didn't try Aaron's plugin because it didn't seem to work for the others and it seems outdated in that it refers to the mu-plugins folder. I don't have this problem in my dev site, which largely emulates my live site (same theme, mostly same plugins). Why isn't the redirect to BP register working on my live site?

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