wp-signup.php not using correct template.

My wp-signup.php page is triggering the "is_home" for some reason and therefor using the wrong background image. Everything else looks correct.


It should look like this:

I'm not sure where I need to look in the code for where is_home is getting set.

The header template has this code, that's how I know that is_home is being triggered by this one page

$mee_page_id = 'inner-page';
$mee_inner_id ='';</p>
<p>if (is_home()){ $mee_page_id = 'page'; }
if (isset($mee_inner_id['custom']['inner-page'])) $mee_inner_id = $mee_option['custom']['inner-page'];
<body id='<?php echo $mee_page_id; ?>' <?php echo $mee_inner_id; ?>>

Where do I look to get this page to use the correct background? Is there a way to code this page into the header to use a specific background? I know that would be a hack but I'm stumped and ready to go live except for this issue.