wp-signup.php redirecting to homepage


i have buddypress switched on, and blog tracking switch off. i still want users to be able to create their site. however the wp-signup page redirects to the home page. any way of fixing this?

  • DavidM
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    Hi nelnehal,

    Just to verify, you're redirected to the home page even as Super Admin, correct? Meaning that as Super Admin logged into a sub-site trying to create a site from Dashboard > My Sites you're redirected to homepage when trying to create a new site?

    Also, to get a bit of background, are you using Supporter or Membership on the multisite in question?

  • nelnehal
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    @aaron even when the registrations are turned on, wp-signup.php gets redirected to the home page. (only when buddypress is turned on). I also turned off blog tracking the same thing happens. I had supporter plugin, but that does not seem to be the problem.

    I created a new install without any plugins except buddypress, and i get the same issue there. Its seems to me that when buddypress is active, wp-signup.php is meant to redirect to the home page

    @davidm yea i am logging in as super admin. What you said is exactly whats happening. its doesnot seem to be an issue with supporter or membership plugin.

  • Jeff
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    Has anybody found a solution for this one? I'm getting the same issue and the /activate and /register options aren't working either. Thanks!

    I've isolated the issue directly to buddypress, wp-signup.php works fine when buddypress is deactivated.

  • Jude
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    Hi there @Jeff

    You should consider opening a new ticket for this one. Also take a look at this if it helps and keep in mind what Aaron posted

    That sounds like the behavior if BP is enabled but registrations are turned off. Wpsignup redirects to the BP register page, and BP since registrations are off redirects to homepage. Just turn them on in network settings page.


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