@ WP sites with the same users (and roles)

Hi, I need some help.

I have 1 wp membership site (tribcast.com.br), where a sell access to online courses. Site uses s2Member Pro to manage membership.

I need to create a second site, on a subdomain (material.tribcast.com.br) to share material among paid members. So I was thinking of using WPMUDEV User Sync plugin. I will not allow registration on this second site. Users registered on tge main site will be registered as well and automatically on this second site.

As far as I read, with Users Sync I can accomplish that. I mean, every time some user registers on the main site, plugin will register him no this second site.

But I only want to allow paid members to be able to download my material. Paid members have the following roles (s2member_level1, s2member_level2, s2member_level3...), according to their subscription plan.

So, my question: if I install s2Member on the second site, will Sync Users export users registered on the main one with their actual role?

John Doe -> s2member_level1 on tribcast.com.br (main site)
will be
John Doe -> s2member_level1 on material.tribcast.com.br (second site)


If not, is there any way to accomplish what I want?

(I think this is the same as a website that sells online stuff and has a support site on a subdomain. How can they export clients to the support site base?)

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hey @mauro_lopes,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I haven't had a chance to extensively test S2Member Pro plugin and honestly I'm not aware of how does it handle access permissions. I can tell though that if it's using WP user roles these roles should be synchronized correctly. That said, if e.g. custom user role is the only factor taken into account by this plugin while granting access to content - it may work. I cannot guarantee it but I think it's worth giving a try.

    However, I can think of a more robust solution which would be switching your "main" site into Multisite install.

    Here's handy resource on this (scroll down please until "Activating Multisite on an Established WordPress Installation"):


    Having a Multisite WP you're able to easily create a sub-site (using a sub-domain of your choice). You can also share users if you wish. Next step would be to install and "network activate" our "Membership 2 Pro" plugin that can be configured to provide network-wide protection, therefore you could easily setup protection rules for content on both main and sub-sites.


    I hope that helps and if you need any further assistance, just let me know please!


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