WP Smash Pro is a joke, isnt it?


We have deployed WP Smash Pro to optimise images at the source, we have made it to highest level optimised at settings and still it doesn't help us to image optimising. The proof is Hummingbird. It reveals that WP Smash Pro doesn't do anything. It presents a list of required optimisation and gives the option to use smash pro. When we go to smash pro, it's all done in a way it should be so nothing else can be done. It's a vicious circle! We upload simple jpeg images (500kb/900kb) which should have been reduced significantly to recommended optimised level and that shouldn't be any big issue if smash pro was working. we used to have another subscription based plugin that did work perfectly. Soo we got your plugin and deployed that, our nightmare starts from there, so whats the point of paying? Smash pro says it smashed hundreds of MB has been saved! but in practical, that claim is baseless and fake. Do you not think you guys are misleading and lying?

Now we are not only confused but also stressed and disturbed too. Because we are not sure weather WP smash pro is right or hummingbird is right?

And you guys are claiming that the best image optimising plugin you have ever created in our lifetime! Are you guys kidding? or exposing yourselves as most idiots over the planet? Bear in mind, we paid and we-we deserve a solution.