WP Smush - Delete Original Images?


I have 'smushed' all of my images (and it has helped my page loads sooo much :slight_smile: but think it has kept the originals somewhere as the size of my site has increase since running the software. This is a problem as I am trying to back up my site but it keeps timing out now the site is too large (backup buddy)

Can I remove the originals somewhere?


  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hey @Richard,

    Hope you're doing well today and glad to hear smush did a good job on your site :slight_smile:

    If you go to Media > WP Smush you will see two options that might be causing this for you.

    First one is "Smush Original Image", if this was disabled then your original image uploaded didn't get smushed, only thumbnails did.

    Second option is "Backup Original Images", if this was turned on all your original images, including original thumbnails, were saved on your server.
    If backup images are the ones you are looking for you can find them in your wp-content/uploads/ folder, each original file will have .bak before file extension, for example it will look like image.bak.jpg

    Let us know if you have any followup questions :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Richard,

    I hope you're well today!

    Ah ok, is there an easy way to remove the bak. files as I have started to download the image folders via ftp and there are about 25,000!

    I assume that you can confirm that there are indeed "bak" files. As my colleague @Predrag Dubajic said, you can safely remove them as these are only backup files. I agree that downloading and then re-uploading 25,000 files (and some of the most likely are quite huge) can be time consuming and inconvenient, however I'm not sure if in this case there's an easy way to overcome this.

    Do you have a shell/root (SSH) access to your server or is it accessible only via FTP?

    In case you only have an FTP access, FileZilla FTP client (under Windows, on Mac and on Linux) may be a solution here:

    - connect to your server
    - navigate to /wp-content/uploads/ folder
    - open "Server -> Remote file search" menu
    - select "Math all of the following" option for "Search conditions"
    - select "Filename" -> "include" rule
    - type ".bak." into the text field next to the rule
    - hit "Search" and give it some fair amount of time

    You should end up with a "Result" box in the same window full of those image "bak" files.

    Make sure that those are files that you do want to remove then select them all ("CTRL+A" in Windows) and delete them (in Windows: right-click on that selected file list and choose "Delete").

    Having said all that, I'd strongly advise extreme attention as this is an operation you cannot revert. Full backup of an entire site would be best solution here.

    Best regards,

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