Wp Smush: Pictures are missing, hummingbird tells decrease from 75 to 69 points, please help!

Hi there. I've opened a support ticket on thursday but got no real help or answer. I am a little upset since using WP Smush on my website pictures caused a decrease from 75/100 to 69/100 points in hummingbird. Also, some preview and thumbs are not in place, they do not appear while others do. These are on homepage: Slider Image No 4, random post widget in sidebar (under facebook) all images are missing (same goes for articles page). When scroll down further, in "Stories", second image does not appear, and in "Unsere Fellfreunde", (last Category on the website) prev picture 3rd is not showing.

On articles page, when you scroll down to the end, similar articles prev is not showing correctly.

Is there any chance the support may do something on this? I registered for WP mudev for I got very little knowledge on these things. Someone of the staff already installed a plugin a few days ago to recover the images but that didnt work for all concerns as it seems.