[WP Smush Pro] Affects correct function of plugin AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild

when WP Smush PRO is activated than it affects correct function of plugin AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild.
If you set only to regenerate "medium (300x300)" etc. thumbnails (not all, only selected) in AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild, all thumbnails are changed.
If WP Smush PRO is not activated, plugin AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild works well.
How to fix it?


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Jiri

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I tried to test that on my own test site to confirm but I must say I don't see that behavior. I might need some more testing (so in case you'd have some specific test on how to test it - or you could describe how did you test it - that would be helpful) as I may be missing something while testing with a large number of images.

    However, I also took a look at that plugin's code and there's nothing that should be interacting. The plugin simply reads registered image sizes and then fetches all the images and recreates them according to these sizes. That's quite a simple piece of code there.

    Having that said, I'll be testing that more to make sure that I didn't miss that but if you got any additional "tips" on that testing for me, let me know please. That'd be very helpful.

    Kind regards,

  • Jiri


    both plugins work well when you regenerate all thumbnails.

    But when you set "regenerate only selected thumbnail sizes - for example only 300x300" in AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild settings, it does:
    - correctly regenerates 300x300 thumbnail and then correctly smushes it
    - incorrectly smushes other thumbnail sizes (which are not selected in AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild settings) so that thumbnail sizes are smushed twice (size of image is for example 35,000 kb before and 34,700 kb after)

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