[WP Smush Pro] CDN in Smush breaks styling

I have a weird set of issues to styling that occurs when one of 2 conditions are met:

1 – Smush PRO is configured for CDN usage, or

2 – Hummingbird PRO is active

Smush is the most dramatic, causing my full-width block (using siteorigin widgets) to flash full width for a moment, and then revert to a blocked layout. It also breaks my footer, created in SmartSlider 3.

If CDN is turned off, everything is good. However, if I have Hummingbird active, the middle area flashes to a block layout, and then fixes itself to go full-width. It does not affect the footer.

I have images and short video that shows this occurring, and as this is a dev site can offer you admin access to view this in action yourself.

I'm using a customized Genesis theme, at 2.7.3. Pages are built using pagebuilder by siteorigin, and I have a few other plugins in use but none that have given me conflicts on other sites.

Appreciate your assistance!