WP Smush Pro doesn't seem to be smushing my images

I have sent a bulk smush request for 26 images and it is now 24 hours later and nothing is happening. When I click on an image it says the status is 'currently smushing'.

I did have W3 Total Cache and Wordfence Security installed, but have now deactivated both.

Upon reading other posts I decided to call GoDaddy (hosting providers) to see if they can whitelist your servers, but they told me it is not something they can do on a shared hosting environment.

There is really only 1 image which is of interest to me. The image is called 'bg2' and has a file size of 2MB. My total website file size is 4.7MB, which as you can see is almost half of my website size. I really need to compress this image to improve my site load time!

If we can not figure out why the images wont smush, can you at least compress that 1 image for me at your end?

Also, I have enabled support access.