[WP Smush Pro] Need help with Smush CDN and Automatic Resizing

I am hoping to use Smush CDN and make use of the Automatic Resizing for all of my sites, but I'm having trouble getting it to work properly on Retina Hi-DPI displays. I did a chat with Patrick Freitas earlier, and he consulted with the dev group and told me:

"As long as image file names contain @2x string, it should work just fine.
It will create a separated URL for the retina version"
"You will need to resize on retina as well, you will fix for normal screen and add a 2x image for the retina"

I'm attempting to make this work on my logo image but it does not work. I have added the logo at actual size (in the Divi control panel) and added a "@2x" version to my media library. It displays on my Retina screen at actual size (no @2x) and is pixellated.
If I replace the actual size file with the @2x file in the Divi control panel, the logo displays as the @2x version on my Retina display resized to the container, which looks correct on the Retina display. However, it still displays the resized @2x image on non-retina displays.

What is the proper way to handle retina images with Smush CDN?