WP SMUSH PRO slowed down website

Since I installed WP Smush pro and smushed all images, the website loads incredibly slow. I granted admin access, please have a look at this. Before smushing the images, everything worked perfectly.

  • Nastia
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    Hello Axel

    Hope all is well!

    Please let us know, when there is only WP Smush Pro activated how fast your site is loading? I've deactivated the WP Smush Pro on your site and the loading speed remained unchanged, so the issue is not caused from the WP Smush plugin. Based on Pingdom tools, the site is loading fully within 60 seconds. There are also JS errors in the developer console which indicates a conflict with another plugin.

    Please deactivate all the plugins and check the site's loading speed using Pingdom tools, GMetrix or the WebPagetest. Start activating one plugin at the time, each time testing the site speed.

    I've checked the WP Smush settings and the Pro features are not active. You can optimize the images even more by enabling the following features:
    - Super-smush
    - Resize my full size images (set a maximum suggested height and width in the settings)
    - Smush my original full-size images

    If enabling "Make a copy of my full size images" the plugin will keep a backup of originally uploaded image n case you will need to restore the image.

    By enabling Minification in hummingbird and combining files into one within options, the requests number that a site made on load will be reduced, so the loading speed will be increased. Please consider activating Page Cache and Browser Caching as well. By enabling these two options the loading speed and the site performance report score will be improved.

    Please let us know how it went!

    Kind regards,

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