[WP Smush Pro] smush not automatically working

Smush is not automatically working I have to manually smush images. I have multiple users manually smushing images is not something I can do.

  • Patrick Freitas
    • Staff

    Hi Seth Gitner

    How are you today?

    I did a Bulk Smush to Smush all files, and there are six images corrupted. then I Uploaded a new image, and it was Smush correctly on Upload

    Then I went back to Smush Pro > Re-check images, and it kept the X files already listed before.

    The Corrupeted files are:

    Could not find /++++++++/++++++++/++++++++/++++++++/++++++++/++++++++/wp-content/uploads/nhmediaupload/BC_March_03242018_01-1024x683.jpg
    Could not find /++++++++/++++++++/++++++++/++++++++/++++++++/++++++++/wp-content/uploads/nhmediaupload/BC_SAMorningBus_03242018_16-150x150.jpg
    Could not find /++++++++/++++++++/++++++++/++++++++/++++++++/++++++++/wp-content/uploads/nhmediaupload/BC_SAMorningBus_03242018_14-150x150.jpg
    Could not find /++++++++/++++++++/++++++++/++++++++/++++++++/++++++++/wp-content/uploads/nhmediaupload/BC_SAMorningBus_03242018_12-150x150.jpg
    Could not find /++++++++/++++++++/++++++++/++++++++/++++++++/++++++++/wp-content/uploads/nhmediaupload/BC_SAMorningBus_03242018_10-150x150.jpg
    Could not find /++++++++/++++++++/++++++++/++++++++/++++++++/++++++++/wp-content/uploads/nhmediaupload/BC_SAMorningBus_03242018_05-150x150.jpg

    Note, I used ++++++++ to protect sensitive information.

    I suggest you replace the above-listed images and run a new Bulk Smush to check if the problem is gone.

    If the Problem persists, we need to run a plugin conflict test.

    So, would you mind please run a conflict test?

    Remember, is essential that you run this test in a staging site, if you can’t do it you must create a full backup.

    Please deactivate all plug-ins keep the reported one, and check if the problem is gone. If so, then enable all plugins one by one and find which one is creating the issue.

    If you still having this issue, could you do a theme test, much the same as the plugin test, but now you’re testing themes!
    Activate one of the default WordPress themes, like Twenty Sixteen or Twenty Seventeen.

    Here you will find more information on https://premium.wpmudev.org/docs/getting-started/getting-support/#chapter-2

    Let me know the results that you get,
    Best Regards,
    Patrick Freitas

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