[WP Smush Pro] Smush Pro: “already optimized”


I’ve got a question regarding Smush Pro: Some of my media can’t be smushed/ restored. Instead of showing stats and buttons, there is only displayed “already optimized” (Sometimes button “resmush” is shown, but doesn’t work). Please see this image:


Any idea, what to do to get this fixed?

  • Prathamesh Palve
    • Staff

    Hello happynaut,

    I hope you are doing well today.

    It seems to be really odd. To get a better understanding of what exactly is happening on your end, I would need to check your website configurations and check browser console while re-smushing the images.

    Kindly enable the support access to allow us to check it. Here is how you can grant the support access:

    Please post back in the thread here once you have granted the access.


  • happynaut
    • lord

    Hi Prathamesh,

    I grant you support access. You can see the strange behavior at these images:

    Image-ID: 17504
    Image-Path: https://game-dna.de/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/control-landscape.jpg

    Image-ID: 17453
    Image-Path: https://game-dna.de/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/starlink-starfox-landscape.jpg

    Please do not delete them, as they are hosted on a live website.

    If I delete an image and its thumbs w manually via FTP, use the bak-back up manually and generate new thumbs out of it, then Smush works fine.

    I would say that 1 out of 50 images has this odd behavior.

  • Prathamesh Palve
    • Staff

    Hello happynaut,

    Thank you for the access and further explanation. It helped me understand your concern completely.

    I accessed your website Dashboard, checked Smush Pro Settings, Media Library for the mentioned images. Further, I went ahead and turned OFF and ON the Smush my original full-size images and then performed Bulk Smush again.

    This action smushed all the full-size images in your library. Previously smushing was being skipped as WordPress usually does not use the full-size images but crops the images into four different sizes according to its need after the upload. Smushing full-size images would now save a bit more space too.

    Secondly, about the images, you had mentioned, seemed to be already optimised by Smush Pro. Please check them once on your end too.

    Third, the Re-Smush button does work but previously it appeared as the system was skipping the Smush operation for full-size images. Now that they have been smushed, you will not see the Re-Smush option again.

    After performing the final smushing, I see some images have not been smushed. Can you try uploading a fresh copy of those images and then give another try as it seems some issue occurred while uploading them?

    Feel free to write back to us in this thread if you have any doubts or need any help ahead.


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