[WP Smush Pro] Smush Pro Upgrade link not working

I am aware I have 10GB data cap per month with Smush Pro, within my WordPress back-end dashboard Smush Pro CDN tab option it shows my currently used bandwidth, also there is upgrade option below which I have clicked on for more info, due to once I have clients I know we will all be sharing the 10GB bandwidth monthly limit, hence interested to see pricing options for adding more, but link just opens up another WordPress back-end dashboard.

Another thing regarding Smush Pro I have it active and notice huge difference in performance, but running GT-Metrix scan under Y-Slow my website receives F-0 zero rating for use of CDN content delivery network, why would this show up as zero if I have Smush Pro active.

Looked on older tickets found some info but not the answer I am looking for.