WP Smush Pro + W3 Total Cache not uploading smushed images

We're using W3 Total Cache (configured to offload media to Amazon S3) and I enabled WP Smush Pro. The images are being smushed on upload, however, W3TC is uploading the original version to S3 rather than the optimized version.

I know that I could switch to S3 Offload, but I was wondering if anyone had a solution where we could continue to use W3TC to offload, perhaps a WordPress action hook or something that I could trigger on smush.

I also know that you don't support third-party plugins, but I thought that it was worth asking in case you had a slick solution in your knowledgebase.

PHP 7.1.17, WordPress 4.9.8 (multisite), WP Smush Pro 2.8.0, W3 Total Cache (I haven't updated to 0.9.7 yet because the client requires additional testing).

Thank you,