WP Snapshot (cloud) on a very large site


We use WP Snapshot Pro on much smaller sites without issues but currently using WP Migrate Pro for backups on our main site (eckerd.edu) since its an extremely large site with a ton of files (multiple GB's)

I was wondering if this might be too much for WP Snapshot to process and a. freeze or b. worse, freeze the website? I wanting to (since its so large) have the backups sent to Google Drive.

Have there been reports of people having issues using WP Snapshot on a site that let's say larger than 3-5GB?

Thanks so much,

  • Rupok

    Hi Eckerd,

    Thanks for asking. I've not seen people complaining before with large sites, but I've seen issues regarding server resource. For example, if your site is multiple GB, then it will need really high amount of memory to create an archive with those multiple GB data, and there will be thousands of files including media, plugin files, theme files, other content etc. But theoretically, Snapshot will be able to handle that because Snapshot process files in chunk. And if your site doesn't have any file which creates trouble in archiving, then I believe you can take backup of your whole site with Snapshot.

    And regarding freezing, I've not seen any report where Snapshot froze the whole site. If there is any issue in taking backup, the snapshot process will stop and will show you related error. But it should not freeze your site in any way. And you know already that Snapshot shows you progress while creating backup, so unless there is an error, the process will not freeze.

    So I think, you can try snapshot to take backup of that large site.

    Please let us know if you have any confusion. We will be glad to help.

    Have a nice day. Cheers!

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello Eckerd,

    I thought this was fixed in a previous release so we wouldn't have to manually go to every subsite and set up everything?

    This is how the standard Snapshots are working (this is by design, that is not a bug: ) ) - in release of Snapshot 3 we added new option "Managed Snapshots". Managed Snapshots allows you to create full backup with one click.

    But - in managed snapshots you will no be able to change destination. By default they will do backup on your server and our cloud (where you have 10GB of capacity to use - you can check that in HUB ).
    Standard snapshots will backup to your destination like S3 bucket, but each subsite has to be backuped separately. Managed backups will backup whole multisite but will be send to our cloud.

    I think one-click full site backup for standard snapshots is on the road map of the plugin, but I cannot give any ETA I'm afraid.

    kind regards,

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