WP Strategy

I need help figuring out which way to go in building a directory of artists. Assume little php, but strong HTML and CSS.

I am creating a site that showcases music artists. It should let artists create & edit their own ‘profile’. Site visitors can search for local artists by genre and location, etc

The artists profile will include searchable custom fields like ‘genre’, ‘your facebook page’, bio, etc

I doubt they will update their profile often, but when they do, they need to be able to login and do that.

I want to be able to add plugins that share functionality between all users… and a user should only be able to edit their own post/profile.

I’m not sure if I should:

1. Use Buddypress – Many Features out of the box, but I don’t want a social network. I want http://500px.com or dribbble.com vs Facebook

2. Use WP Multisite – I don’t think the users need to build whole sites – just a simple static profile page with their info.

3. Standard WP with Custom Post Types. But when they login, will they be able to edit only their own profile?

4. Use a directory plugin, with heavy customization.

Where most post free profiles, a few paid featured profiles, and where users can search/filter the directory to find the artist they want. However I do not want a site that looks like directory… (like a directory plugin) – same features, just a very different look. eg 500px.com

In the future I might want to have artists sell stuff, add/edit events, etc. I don’t want to moderate every profile… so its totally self-managed by each user but I would add features that would then become available to all users.

Which option is best? What would you use… if you were comfortable with HTML and CSS, but not php.