WP User Accounts and Directory Members - How are they supposed to work together?

My assumption buying the Directory plugin was that user registration and directory membership were one in the same. I see that I was wrong.

So first, am I correct that the Directory plugin is NOT intended to create new User accounts AND Directory membership at the same time?

My situation: I want EVERY user to pay for membership AND create a Directory listing.

My site is a membership site so I want every member to pay and to create a listing as a part of the sign up process. My hope was that the Directory plugin would allow me to do this in one step.

As it is, my members have to create a user account first and THEN create a listing. But even that doesn't work right.

A new user registration is assigned the "Subscriber" role. But then in the Directory settings, I set "Assign Member's Role" to the "Member" role. My assumption was that when a user / subscriber created a listing that they would then be assigned the role "Member".

That isn't happening.

Guidance please.