WP3.0MultiSite/ BuddyPress + Daily Theme Installed – What to Do Next?

WP3.0MultiSite/ BuddyPress + Daily Theme Installed – What to Do Next?

It’s embarrassing but I just don’t understand. I have read all the manuals on this site. I have also read the WordPress and BuddyPress for Dummies Books.

I have a Dashboard that includes Super Admin, Dashboard and BuddyPress. If I click on my domain name it shows a page that says ”uncategorized” on a dark grey banner across the top, there is a blank light gray banner under that, another light grey banner beneath that with buttons for “activity”, “Members”, “groups”, “Blogs”.

Then there is a very light grey banner that says Mydomain>> Home.

Back on the dashboard; Network Admin shows 1 site and 1 user (me)

The daily theme is activated for the network. But the manuals say it must be activated for just one blog and that buddypress is activated for just one blog -and that another theme must be activated for other MU sites. –Unless you also read the buddy press manual which says that the Daily there will work with both MU sites and Buddypress.

The manuals show actions to be taken under “Site Admin” but there is no such thing on my dashboard .

Clicking on “sites” under Super Admin shows “ID” of 1 -“updated never”; and an opportunity to either take a bulk action or delete.

There is nothing anywhere that looks even vaguely useful. I know that this is simple but I don’t know what series of actions to take. Must I download more themes before I do anything else? How can I associate buddypress with a blog when there are no blogs.

Can you tell me what actions I must take and in what sequence. There is a lot of material in the manuals but some manuals seemed to conflict with others – and none really gave me the kind of simple “first you do this – then you do that” kind of directions that a complete greenhorn like me needs.

The main thing that I learned from all that reading is that If you don’t take actions in the right sequence and in the right places you can seriously mess things up.