WP3.3 Login/Cookie/Permissions Issues – Could be DM Plugin


I’m posting this in the Domain Mapping plugin area as the issues are possibly connected – though I am more than happy to stand corrected as it’s doing my head in!

Upgraded to WP3.3 and a bunch of compatibility updates (Marketpress etc.) – had database and file backups so went into it confident of being able to roll back.

Everything seemed to go fine – main site and a couple of client sites all looked to be working no problem. Then I got a report that when signing in, a user was seeing “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page”.

Been investigating and the situation is actually a bit bizarre – seems like it could be cross-domain cookie related, hence thinking of the DM plugin.

1. Super Admin no longer has automatic access to sub-sites.

Previously, if I was logged into the main site as the super admin user and then browsed to a sub-site, the Buddpypress bar would be shown and I could access the sub-site Dashboard as the Super Admin

Now I log into the main site (wahmboozle.com.au) and when I hit a sub-site (e.g. outbackaromas.com) I do not appear to be logged in there

2. If I log into the sub-site using the Super Admin credentials, I get into the sub-site dashboard no problem at all. I am not automatically logged into the main site though.

3. If I log into the sub-site using the client’s credentials (normal Admin user) I am logged in (if I view the public site, the nav bar is shown) however when trying to access the Dashboard I see the message “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page”

As mentioned, this is multisite, WP 3.3, Domain Mapping (latest), Buddypress 1.5.2, Marketpress and a few other plugins.

Has this been raised by anyone else, or am I in for a lengthy process of activating and deactivating plugins to see which one is preventing the cross-domain cookie updates (or whatever is going on!)