wp_handle_upload returns string, but that should not happen…

This should not be possible because it should either return an array or an error. What am I doing wrong? I am writing an upload function for a theme options page in which I have the following functions called:

register_setting('my-theme-options', 'my-theme-options', 'my_settings_validate');
add_settings_field('header_logotype',   __('Upload image'),    'my_setting_header_logotype', 'my-header-options', 'section_general');

function my_setting_header_logotype() {
    $options = get_option('my-theme-options');
    if ($file = $options['header_logotype']) {
        echo '<img src="' , $file['url'] , '">';
    echo '<input type="file" name="my-theme-options[header_logotype]">';

function my_settings_validate($input) {
    if ($_FILES['header_logotype']) {
        $newinput['header_logotype'] = wp_handle_upload($_FILES['header_logotype'], array('test_form' => false));
        return $newinput;
    } else {
        return $input;

I am flummoxed.