wp_usermeta is HUGE, am I missing something in my DB maintainance ?

Probably a noob issue, but I cant find it via other searches… I’m new in working with an existing WPMU site, and the wp_usermeta is HUGE (3.5M rows for 1200 users), am I missing something in my DB maintenance ?

This came to light as we prepared to migrate to a new server, and I found that all the backups and plesk migration stuff fails on the dumps on a couple sites with these huge (this is the biggest) tables…


  • Barry
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    It can get quite huge, though 3.5m rows is quite a size. Can you do a grouping query to see how many rows each user has? Order by number of rows, descending and then take a look at the top few users records in the table and e if you can spot anything strange / any meta_keys that appear a lot and can be removed for all users to trim the table down a bit.

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