WpCheckup and Smart Crawl in hub

WP Checkup - How do we find this? I cant see it linked from anywhere in my account or hub. It seems odd that its almost hidden from paying users, I had to go off and google it to find out how to get to it. Its handy for checking out sites as an overall view. It would also be good if this was part of the websites area so we can see previous results/improvements there seems no way of going back to a previous result to see how things have improved overall.

SmartCrawl Hub SEO - when I goto the Seo tab, it says that smart crawl is 'coming soon' (incidently its been saying this for a while), but running the above gives you an SEO overview, there is also a smartcrawl plugin available in the plugins section. Again im wondering why this isnt installable from the hub when im working on a site.

It just seems there is a disconnect between the hub and whats available, the whole idea of the hub is a single point of entry into everything.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile: