WPide conflict with WPMU plugins

Almost all WPMU plugins page messed up once WPide plugin is activated.

  • Nahid

    Hey Chris !
    Hope you are having a great day!

    This issue has been reported quite a number of times and our developers have taken a look into it. Unfortunately, it is caused due to a bug in the WPide plugin itself which has not been updated in the last two years and only tested upto the 4.3.14 version of WordPress (the latest version is 4.9.1). In this scenario, I'm afraid there is nothing we can do other than asking you to disable the WPide plugin until they get round to fixing it and contact them if possible reporting the issue.

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you need any further assistance regarding this. Thanks!

    Kind regards,

  • Chris

    Hey Guys,
    I have seen the WPide plugin cause a number of plugin issues with all the WPMU plugins in one way or another. In my experience it generally breaks the Css for the dashboard / admin panel for most WPMU plugins. You can Still access them but the Css is not working at all. Some plugin also cause lots of dhaboard a server lag.

    HummingBird - Totally breaks the dashboard and caused massive amounts of backend lag until you can get either hummingbird or WPide disabled.

    SmartCrawl - It seems to only break Dashboard layouts for this plugin, so you won't even be aware some options are being hidden. In some cases there may also be some server load, minimal. The page and post section seem to still work like normal. But the Open Graph Features are normally hidden.

    Hustle - It seems to only break the dashboard with hustle however in some cases I saw it caused the widget for hustle to not show up in the correct locations. like appearing in the wrong column.

    WPSmush - Most people wouldn't probably notice but I believe it causes some of the options to be hidden on the dashboard that have slider buttons.

    As I Find More I will reply to this post.
    I have learned in most causes if your site is having issues the best option to just remove the WPide. If that doesn't work then slowly disable your plugins one by one until you find the conflicting plugin.. Good luck! I hope my woes help your issues go away a little quicker.

  • Dimitris

    Hello there Chris,

    hope you're doing good today!

    As my colleague Nahid mentioned in the previous reply here
    this is a already known situation to us and it's being caused by WPide plugin itself, as it strips some body classes we insert ("wpmud wpmud-dashboard") and use in CSS files to target elements from our plugins.
    Unfortunately, this is something that can only be surpassed by WPide plugin, but as it has no updates for the last 2 years, I don't think that this will ever be done, unless somebody else take it over and update it to work/comply with latest WP versions and resolve any bugs like this one.
    So for now, the only viable option is to deactivate and delete WPide plugin.
    I want also to advise not to use such plugins, as it may lead to broken states in your installation (a simple typographic error can lock you out from website easily) and always prefer to edit files via a FTP client or even better via a staging environment first.

    Hope that clarifies things better! :slight_smile:

    Take care,

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