WPLMS Course Categories don't show with Membership 2 Pro

I'm using WPLMS on my site with Membership 2 Pro (originally upgraded from Protected Content). The problem I have, which existed before the upgrade to Membership 2 Pro, is that the Course Category listings pages don't show any content on any user role except administrator. Disabling Membership 2 Pro appears to remove the issue.

I have tested removing all Membership restrictions of all pages which doesn't help. I tried disabling content protection in the Settings/General tab which did remove the issue. I've tried installing Membership 2 Pro on a reasonably fresh install of WPLMS on a local machine and it seems to work. I don't want to risk rebuilding the live site if I can help it as there were some fragile components but I'd appreciate it if you could take a look.

I'm not sure that it could perhaps be something legacy from Protected Content?