WPML and theme Solitudo from ait-themes are not working correctly


we have a big problem (but not probably difficult one) with this theme http://themeforest.net/item/solitudo-page-builder-30-customizable-elements/6187668 and WPML working together. Time is on the essence on this one because I have deadline for customer project and theme developers aren't answering too quickly or telling me when it's gonna be fixed.

Everything works fine when I don't activate WPML, but at least two elements in the themes page builder aren't working correctly when used with other languages. For example there is a text element and it's working fine with english but with other languages it shows only error message: "Text | Info: Enter some content to the textarea in the Text element, please."

I think this is related to a database call because the element doesn't get the information from db. I don't know if the information gets stored to the database either.

I know this is theme developers problem, but any help is appreciated and I can of course grant whatever access to our staging server that you need.