WPML support, change method that gets the ID's

I am working on making this plugin working with WPML (again as I think it was ones)

The problem I have (and as far as I see it's the only problem I have) is that since I am using domain separation and not URL separation I cannot use the advanced filter to have diferent popups for diferent languages.
http://www.foodstuff.guru - this is for the english one.
http://ru.foodstuff.guru - this is for the russian one.

And I have one popup, that is translated to multiple languages and it's fires all in all languages.
I have traced the problem to the method get_active_ids in class-popup-database.php.
The problem is that it's using wpdb, get_col method, and it should check if WPML present and add it's table to the select method or use get_posts that will automaticly use that via filters.

Right now I fixed it by changing the code to:

$newArrayPosts = get_posts( array('post_type'        => IncPopupItem::POST_TYPE,'suppress_filters' => 0) );
                        foreach($newArrayPosts as $newArrayPost){

But how can I change this select without changing the plugin code itself? Is there a hook?
Or maybe you can change this to work with WPML for next release?