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I am becoming more and more frustrated with this course, which is full of inconsistencies and incomplete information.

I have just spent an hour trying to resolve the problem outlined below

In the week 3 tutorial it states:

I recommend creating a local test server. Here’s how to do it:

First, download and install Virtualbox and Vagrant. Create a directory anywhere on your computer to store your project files. I have a “websites” folder in my user directory, in which I’ve created a “phptutorial” directory. I’ll refer to this as the “main project directory” throughout the rest of this tutorial.

Once you created the directory, open the terminal on Linux or OSX, or the command prompt on Windows, and navigate to the folder. If you have created the same folder structure as I have, you can type cd ~/websites/phptutorial on Linux or OSX. On Windows, you can type cd %HOMEPATH%/websites/phptutorial. Once in the correct directory, paste the following command:

curl -L -o ‘install.sh’ http://bit.ly/1hBfq57 && curl -L -o ‘Vagrantfile’ http://bit.ly/1mE3Qt9 && vagrant up

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localserver.sh hosted with ? by GitHub

I have downloaded Vagrant and Virtualbox, but just csnnot create the directory “phptutorial” directory

There are no instruction on how to create the directory.

I hace created afolder in my user directory as it suggests, but can not find any means of creating directory within a folder.

I tried creating a folder within the folder but then the cd command failed

Can someone please help. I have had use teh ganeral support ticket as none of my contributions on the fisrt two weeks have been responded to.

I use windows10