WPMU Affiliate plugin + Membership

After finally getting Membership set up correctly, I now am struggling with integrating the Affiliate plugin.

I have installed, setup everything, pressed activate for Membership add-on, went into my paid subscription setting in Membership and added the commission the affiliates should get.

Then I tested, and 1. I don't see the affiliates after they add their Paypal in "manage affiliates" and 2. I tested with the put in your own website feature (so that I could simply include a link to the website from my website) with the member I created, and clicked on the link (as if I was another member) to create a new account with a new member, and no commissions showed up. Nothing showed up at all in Affiliate Reports.

Is this because I'm doing this all on the same computer? Do I have to delete cookies each time to test? Shouldn't I see the new affiliate in manage affiliates as soon as they sign up? Is there any other integration I'm missing with the Membership plugin? And finally, just cause I'm wondering, since there's not % option for affiliate commissions, will the affiliate be credited if I have a monthly membership?

Thanks in advance.