wpmu and bbpress integration question

I have been using a plugin to achieve this. The plugin’s descriptions says:

When a user clicks on the activation link in the user regsitration email,

user meta data is added to wp_usermeta to enable the ‘member’ role in bbPress.

Meanwhile I changed the registration process, with your plugin, that removes user email verification so users are no longer clicking/getting the activation link so they are now obviously not getting set up as members anymore.

Here is the plugin code:

function enable_bbpress_forum_capabilities( $user_id ) {

update_usermeta($user_id, 'bb_capabilities', array('member' => true));



add_action('wpmu_new_user', 'enable_bbpress_forum_capabilities');

now if I understand this right, all I need to find is another hook to hook into and replace wpmu_new_user, right?

any suggestions to get this code working again?