WPMU dashboard not working on a WPEngine install...

Hi, I sent in a support request asking about why I could not activate the WPMU dev dashboard in one of my isntals at WPEngine.com

I did not find a response and I do not see where this vaunted support the new home page speaks of.

Is it possible for me to interface with a conscious human being that is not going to immediately throw me at the FAQ pages? Is it possible that someone there can take the time to listen to my needs and actually help me solve my problems?

I'm 100% confused now how to interface with WPMU dev.

The plugins are looking great. They have evolved allot in the past past year.

However I am at a loss on how to implement a fully supported WPMUdev multisite hosted at WPEngine, running WPMUdev software. And then of course to teach ALL of my clients to do the same.

If I can not get it up and running, having been in the business of making websites since 1997, then what chance would any of my clients have of doing it?

Please advise.

Where can I find my support requests on the site?

How can I track things? The system does not help me. Perhaps I'm just retarded.