WPMU Dashboard Plugin with Circular permissions

"Circular Permissions" I say?

Referring to the screenshots…

1. Picture says Gold, yet a free member. When clicking edit next to the api key, the available updates for the themes/plugins (see pic 2). The manage section show zero updates and zero wpmu plugins.

2. Shows the only three options I have for the dashboard.

3. the admin user is logged in and the 3 users are placed in the wp-config php file.

4. show the screen when clicking on Dashboard.

The circular part, I can log in using the edit next to the api key, the I'm logged out when clicking on any other admin panel item. Log in, log out, rinse-repeat.

I updated to wp3.9, upgraded network, then bulk upgraded 5-6 wpmu plugins, then this happened. Deactivating, logging out the reactivating, deleting plugin, reinstalling, logging out, etc.

Nothing changed.

Unable to update/change anything wpmu related on the site.

I'm stuck.